Possente Spirto

In this aria from Monteverdi’s opera, whilst the unhallowed souls are swimming back and forth in the river Styx, Orpheus tries to soften the hearts of the Underworld Gods with his song and in doing so bringing Euridice back from the valley of death. Possente Spirto is comprised of computer-animated dancers and processed video dance. The first show- ing was on Webstage, Scen- och Sinnes- produktions Internet based stage, as early as in 1998. The animated dancers were created in the computer-program “Motographicon” – a tool developed by Peter Rajka and Magnus Lundin in the 1990’s within the KACOR-project which was housed by KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology in Stock- holm. In the late phases of the KACOR- project, Åsa Unander-Scharin was part of it to evaluate choreographic applications of Motographicon, and to write a user’s guide. The video clips were rendered during night- shifts on KTH’s powerful Silicon Graphics workstation “IRIS Indigo”, and during daytime put together on a Mac Quadra 610.

In may 1998, Webstage (www.speech.kth.se/Unander.Scharin) was appointed “link of the week” by Kulturnät Sverige.

Possente Spirto is shown on a period Panasonic TV from 1997.

Video-Choreography: Åsa Unander-Scharin Dancer: Petra Fredrikzon

Music: Claudio Monteverdi (from L’Orfeo, 1607) Video recording: Tomaz Blanc

Musical performance: Ensemble Fortezza (Carl Unander-Scharin/ Tenor, Keren Bruce/ Viola da Gamba, Kerstin Frödin/ Recorders, Urban Westerlund/ Organ)

Remix: Klas B Wahl

Scen- och Sinnesproduktion, in cooperation with The Royal Institute of Technology and SAMI.