Petrushka's Cry

An electro mechanical miniature version of a scene from the ballet Petrushka originally choreographed by Michel Fokine for the Russian Ballet in Paris 1911 to music by Igor Stravinsky. Like an organ grinder it is the audience that initiates the ballerina’s circular movement, while the Petrushka puppet per- forms his lovingly animated dance. When the crank handle stops Petrushka’s body ceases to interact due to gravity, and he slumps, inactive, resigned to his fate.

Petrushka’s computer directed body (70 cm) is built from aluminium and Plexiglas plates, plastic pipes, a paper ball head, a spine of wood balls, wires, pipe-cleaners, seven servo engines, circuit cards, cables, screws and nuts. The mechanical ballerina body (75 cm) is a combination of metal poles, springs, a CD-disc, bobbinet, a gilt door bud and a watch head. The two puppets are placed on a velvet box (50x80x90cm3) that contains the grind mechanics, a water pump, a computer, electronics and loud speakers.

Choreography and movement programming: Åsa Unander-Scharin

Puppet maker and software: Magnus Lundin

Mechanics and stage design: Åsa Unander- Scharin, Petra Kiiskinen, Erik Persson

Music: Carl Unander-Scharin

Scen- och Sinnesproduktion financial supported by Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Arts Council and The region of Stockholm

First performance at the Dance museum in Stockholm, 2005.

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