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Earlier works by Opera Mecatronica

(including a list of all 42 works)

Isagel-suite (35 min)

Göteborg International Organ Festival 2019 and 2020


Calligrammes (43 min)

Swedish Radio Choir at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, 2017
Carl Unander-Scharin, Åsa Unander-Scharin and Ludvig Elblaus

Commissioner´s homepage

Celestial Mechatronics

Three audience-interactive installations 

Celestial Mechatronics

Beings & Ballads/ Varelser och Ballader (55 min)

Work based on Swedish Medieval tunes and contemporary poetry and technology. 

Åsa Unander-Scharin, Carl Unander-Scharin, Ludvig Elblaus, Katarina Frostenson

Uncanny materialities (Research article)

Purcell on the Throat for iPhone  (3 min)

Interactive aria performed with the Throat for iPhone at the Society for Artistic Research Symposium, 2014

Åsa Unander-Scharin, Carl Unander-Scharin, Ludvig Elblaus

Throat for iPhone

Artificial Body Voices (55 min)

Opera Mecatronica in collaboration with epí and Klas B Wahl. Dans i Nord/ Danspoolen. Studio Acusticum, Piteå. 2011

Throat for iPhone

Swanlake Revisited 

Audience-interactive exhibition created in collaboration with epí. The Dance Museum, Stockholom, 2011

Charged Room

Vocal Chorder

Electric Body Songs (40 min)

Opera performance with interactive technologies and new music. Reactorhall KTH and Liszt Academy Budapest, 2014

Throat for iPhone

Charged Room

Vocal Chorder

Svansjön (5 min)

Video/ Animation/ Film created in collaboration with The Flock/ Kerstin Grunditz. Commissioned by Musica Vitae. Performed in Växjö and Malmö, 2013 and 2014

Sing the Body Electric! (45 min)

Swedish Performing Arts Biennale, Jönköping 2013

Cape Town Opera, South Africa, 2013

Sing the Body Electric!

Opera Mecatronica Live (45 min)

Interactive performance with five opera singers, produced by the University College of Opera in Stockholm, 2012

Stockholm Royal Opera 2012

Rotterdam Opera Days 2012

Throat for iPhone

Charged Room

Vocal Chorder

Opera Mecatronica – the first exhibition 

The first version of the overall Opera Mecatronica concept was presented at the Reactor Hall, KTH in September 2010

Västerås Dance Festival 2011

Royal Swedish Opera 2012

Rotterdam Opera Days 2012

Throat for iPhone

Throat for iPhone

Charged Room

Vocal Chorder

Robots and Mechatronical Dancers

Olimpia (5 min)

Giant computer choreographed coloratura-marionette, 2010

Reactor Hall KTH, 2010

Rotterdam Opera Days, 2012


Robocygne (4 min)

Dancing Robotic Swan, 2010

Reactor Hall KTH, 2010

Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf, 2012


The Crystal Cabinet (50 min)

Experimental Opera with three singers and two singing dancers, chamber orchestra and Opera Mecatronica technologies

The Crystal Cabinet

Corpus Aquarium

Audience interactive dance video in a plexi-glass box, 2004

Corpus Aquarium

Desire, Chaos and Geometry (27 min)

Version I:  Skulpturen hus, Stockholm, 1998

Version II: Vietnam National Opera Balet, Hanoi, 2008 and 2009

Desire, Chaos and Geometry

Rintrah Roars – the argument 

Audience interactive video installation

Swedish Dance Biennale, Umeå 2008

Clarion Hotel, Stockholm 2008

Yokohama Dance Recollection, Japan, 2009

60.01.60 (60 min)

Stage performance for six dancers, by Åsa Unander-Scharin in collaboration with composer Håkan Lidbo, video artist Anders Weberg and costume designer Nakkna

Hybrid, Creatures and Labyrinths

Dance and music performance with four dancers, one tenor, two rats, The Throat and The Charged Room

Hybrid, Creatures and Labyrinths

Petrushka´s Cry

Audience Interactive Mechatronical Puppets

Petrushka´s Cry 

Cantos Sagrados

Dance solo performed by Åsa Unander-Scharin with the Barent´s Chamber Choir

Luleå Domkyrka, 2005

Hedvig Eleonora Kyrka, 2005


Exhibition including several interactive installations

Malmö Konsthall, 2004

The Dance Museum, Stockholm 2005

Art galleries and museums in Eskilstuna, Skellefteå, Örebro, 2005

Art galleries and museums in Hudiksvall, Västerås and Luleå 2006

Studio Acusticum, Piteå 2007

The Pearlfishers

Audience interactive installation

The Pearlfishers

This is the Nucleus – in the Vocal Chorder

An interactive newly composed operatic aria performed with a novel artist-operated instrument

This is the Nucleus

Petrusjka (34 min)

Dance performance to Stravinskij´s music with three dancers, and the pianist Roland Pöntinen

Dansens Hus, Stockholm, 2003

Des pas sur la neige (33 min)

Dance performance to Débussy´s music with five dancers, and the pianist Roland Pöntinen

Dansens Hus, Stockholm, 2003

Elevation (8 min)

Dance film with five dancers, produced by the Swedish Television, 2003

Qivittoq (30 min)

Dance and music performance by and with Åsa and Carl Unander-Scharin

Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm. 2002


Circles in Hypercube (17 min)

Dance work by Åsa Unander-Scharin with music by Håkan Lidbo – for four dancers and one puppeteer. 

Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm, 2002

Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 2002

Huddinge, 2005

Lasciatemi morire – with the Virtual Viola da Gamba

Artist-operated accompanied operatic aria for singer/ dancer and the custom-built instrument

Moderna Dansteatern, 2002

Lasciatmi morire 

Dans Dj:s (27 min)

Dance peformance by Åsa Unander-Scharin for three dancers and Charged Room. Music by Carl Unander-Scharin and Klas B Wahl 

Västerås Dance Festival 2002

Stockholm Arts & Science festival at Kulturhuset, 2002

Zebra-dans/Rosenlundsteatern, Stockholm 2002

SALTO! Festival in Malmö 2003

Tour to Hässeleholm, Kristianstad, Oxie, Hudiksvall, Ljusdal, Bollnäs and Söderhamn, 2003

Charged Room

Patterns, Thought and Empty Space (60 min)

Interactive dance work for four dancers, live electronic musicians and custom-built technologies

Patterns, Though and Empty Space

The Lamentations of Orpheus

Solo choreography for an industrial robot

The Lamentations of Orpheus

Fragmente (10 min)

Dance solo to music by Makoto Shinohara (1968) performed by Åsa Unander-Scharin (dance) and Kerstin Frödin (tenor recorder)

Växjö Concert Hall, 1999

Vilnius Dance Festival, Lithuania 2000

Galleri Forum, Stockholm 2001

Pustervik Theatre, Gothenburg 2001

Dance Museum, Stockholm 2002

ELD-lab, Stockholm 2004

Mälardalen university, Eskilstuna 2005

Studio Acusticum, Piteå 2017

Uppsala Universitet 2018

The Perspective of Orpheus (55 min)

Dance and music performance together with the baroque ensemble Fortezza

Växjö Concert Hall 1999

Vilnius Dance Festival, Lithuania 2000

Galleri Forum, Stockholm 2001

The Dance Museum, Stockholm 2002

SecurityNumberDances/ PersonNummerDanser

Interactive screen dance created in Motographicon, The Dance Museum 1998, Malmö Dance Festival 1999, Handelshögskolan 1999, Moderna dansteatern 2001

Robots and Mechatronical Dancers

Possente Spirto (4,50 min)

Video dancer and computer animated dancers created in Motographicon

Internet distribution at Web Stage 1997

Veckans länk kulturnät Sverige

International Dance and Technology conference, Arizona State University 1999

Malmö Dance festival 1999

Handelshögskolan in Stockholm 1999

Elpub99, Gothenburg1999

Interactive Institute/CID/KTH Artnode 199

Italienska kulturinstitutet 1999

Monaco Dance Forum 2000

Junge hunde-festival 2001, Utrecht 2001

Danserotation, 13 cities in Denmark 2001

Kvinnor Kan konferens, Stockholm 2007

Studio Acusticum i Piteå 2008

Robots and Mechatronical Dancers
Commissioner´s homepage

…entendre encore… (30 min)

Stage performance,

Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm 1996

Dansens Hus, Stockholm 1996

Dansstationen, Malmö 1996

Nobel Banquet

Site specific choreography by Åsa Unander-Scharin with five dancers – commissioned by the Nobel Prize Foundation

Stockholm City House and Swedish television, 1995

Spelsinnetur/ Rörelsemelodier

Choreographic installations – solos and duets performed by five dancers

Dansens Hus 1994

Galleri Ragnar Pers, Gärsnäs 1995

Science Festival Aula Magna Stockholms Universitet 1998

Brommaplan 1998

Skulpturens Hus as part of Cultur capital of Europe, 1998

Nationalstadsparken 1998

Naturhistoriska Riksmuseets 1999

Akademiska Forum 1999

Pumpgropen/ The Pump Cavity (50 min)

Multi media stage performance

Dansens Hus, Stockholm 1992

Fakiren, Malmö 1994

Turku Dance Festival, Finland 1994

Dansescenen in Copenhagen, Denmark 1994

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